Migration of Real Time Bidding platform with 10+ millions requests per minute in 10 weeks

4Info Case Study

Google Cloud Results

  • Simplified management of real time bidding platform which requires less than 100 millisecond E2E response time.
  • Improved reliability and stability of the platform using auto scaling and autohealing, making platform more responsive to real-time traffic fluctuations.
  • Reduced downtime and risk by using automated Blue-Green deployment process.
  • Faster provisioning time of compute resources from weeks to minutes.


4INFO provides mobile advertising technology for the placement and tracking of advertisements; including on computers, mobile phones, and end-point systems such as cash registers. The company's products collect data on the extent to which its clients' customers are exposed to their advertisements.

4Info undergoing a digital transformational journey to make 4Info a far more agile, tech savvy, and nimble organization. 4Info embarked on a project to lay down the cloud foundation on GCP and migrate it’s real time bidding platform to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from Rackspace.

4Info HQ is located at:

4 North 2nd Street
Suite 1150
San Jose, CA 95113


4INFO has mapped all 150 millions household of United States. 4INFO matches users with relevant advertisers, participates in online auction for the space and if it successfully bids, places the advertisement. The full E-2-E process must be complete within 100 ms otherwise it could result in loss in revenue. In Rackspace environment provisioning of compute resources takes weeks to months. Traffic fluctuates throughout the day , high(upto 15 millions requests per minute) in the morning and evening and traffic drops by 70% in the night. Application required considerable amount manual intervention by administrators to stabilize the system during unpredictable traffic fluctuations.

The migration project must move Microservices running in Docker Swarm in Rackspace to GKE in GCP with minimal effort and provides a flexible architecture and scalability for future business growth.

The migration project must define an automated the deployment process for infrastructure and applications and minimize as much as possible any additional effort and expense for incremental application migration.


eTouch, a long term Google partner, built the GCP enterprise foundation and migrated 4INFO’s real time bidding platform to GCP. The GCP cloud foundation was built using GCP stack of Cloud IAM, Cloud SQL - MySQL, VPN/VPC/Networking, Cloud Storage, Stackdriver Logging/Monitoring, Cloud NAT, Cloud DNS, Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, GLB and NLB.

Completely automated the provisioning, configuration management, and de-provisioning of Infrastructure Services to enable DevSecOps team to build and tear down environments on-demand, within minutes/hours, as against the traditional ITOps environments requiring several weeks/months to setup.

Defined and built continuous deployment pipelines for real time bidding platform.

Managed Instance Group’s Auto-scaling and Auto-healing features have drastically reduced manual intervention by administrators during traffic fluctuations.