eTouch Segmentation and Data Exchange Tool (eDEX)

eTouch Segmentation and Data Exchange Tool

The eTouch Segmentation and Data Exchange Tool plugs into a company's existing marketing technology stack and enables massive scale audience segmentation, seamless data source integration, and exporting to any digital marketing hub. When considering the licensing and storage costs of comparable tools, it is possible to scale segmentation to a contact universe ten times the size with a cost savings of 75%.

What it Offers

    • Visual Segmentation

    • Self serve visual segmentation tool for marketers
    • Attribute filters and interchangeable dynamic charts
    • Scale & Performance

    • Supports dimensions with billions of records
    • Enables rapid segmenration iteration with changes reflected within seconds
    • Cost

    • Moves segmentation outside digital marketing hubs and third party tools, thus lowering licensing and storage costs
    • Compatibility

    • Integrated with leading Digital Marketing Hubs from Adobe, Marketo, Oracle, and Salesforce
    • Leverages Google Cloud Dataflow to easily connect with any marketing data source

Benefits to our customers

  • Enables rapid segmentation iteration with instant counts.
  • Provides dynamic visualization charts of audience segments for greater insight.
  • Integrates data sources with digital marketing hub.
  • Extracts marketing operations data for use elsewhere in the enterprise.
  • Replaces custom point to point integrations between Martech stack tools.