eTouch Test Automation Accelerator Platform (eTAAP)

eTouch Test Automation Accelerator Platform (eTAAP)

Larger scale adoption of agile methodologies and disruptive technologies has shortened the time period for development and deployment of software. To meet the expected quality standards of an end user, early effective and repetitive testing has become the focal point for organizations.

To avail baseline on how efficacious a testing process is, below are a few key questions:-

  • Does your application testing cycle get interrupted by ever-changing landscape of features and functionality?
  • Are your business users not able to contribute significantly in test automation due to technical nature of processes?
  • Are the operational cost and maintenance of automation tool environment, a cause for persistent concern?
  • Are you falling short of anticipated returns for your investment in test automation?

A 'yes' to one or more of the above questions points to the need for streamlining your test automation process and improving its efficacy. eTouch Test Automation Accelerator helps you achieve this while enhancing the benefits of test automation.

One Platform for All

The platform enables end-to-end test automation of:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications (mobile web, hybrid, native)
  • Web services
  • Desktop applications

eTAAP leverages open source software (OSS) and COTS tools to integrate every aspect of test automation into one accelerator platform. It provides test environments, quality dashboards, cloud-enabled test beds, tools for infrastructure management, static code quality analysis, continuous integration, and test defect tracking.

Open Source at Large

eTAAP leverages open source software (OSS) and COTS tools to integrate every aspect of test automation into one accelerator platform.

eTAAP offers tailor made services and helps clients jump start their test automation efforts, ensure best of the breed test automation practices and industry standards.

Agile Dashboard

eTAAP bridges the test automation efforts with the agile development and provide best practices for early adoption.

The platform provides a 360-degree view of test automation activity, with tools available to measure the effectiveness of test automation, statistical analysis of code base, test coverage, CI, Agile PM tools, monitoring tools, execution logs, defect reports and visibility into quality metrics through dashboards.

What eTAAP Platform Offers

    • Mobile Automation

    • Mobile web & native applications
    • Multi-platform emulators, simulators & device testing
    • iOS, Android
    • Web Services Automation

    • REST & SOAP APIs
    • Security Support
    • Web Automation

    • Multi-browser cross platform testing
    • Web responsive, RIA, flash & HTML5 support
    • Desktop Automation

    • Windows, Linux & Mac OS X
    • Image based GUI Testing

Benefits to our customers

Early Automation
Automation can be adopted very early in SDLC phase and can be executed along with manual testing
Faster time to Market
Transitions quickly and efficiently to take advantage to test automation, reduces testing cycle time and increases test productivity
Cost of Quality
30 – 40% reduction in overall effort; break-even point of investment can be achieved less than 5-6 test cycles
End-to-End Automation
Automation platform enables testing of multiple application technologies at the same time including web, mobile web, native mobile applications, desktop applications and web services
Pre-build Functional Libraries
Quicker deployment due to the rich knowledge base of wrapper functions, reusable code, powerful data templates and guidelines. It allows developers with no knowledge of automation tools to execute scripts with limited handholding.
Pre-selected Tools and Best Practices
Facilitates appropriate selection and usage of tools to gain maximum ROI; Supports integration with industry leading open source and commercial software testing tools.
Consolidated Quality Management Dashboard
Enables viewing of quality management metrics in a single view

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