Global Data Protection Regulation


The European Union’s recently passed Global Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is something that all boards should be paying attention to. This regulation can affect any business, big or small, that houses data on EU customers and the board of directors is inherently responsible for making sure that data is being stored in accordance to the new regulation. The deadline is approaching. You may think you’re immune from its impact, but if you do business with customers in the EU, think again. It’s time to rethink your organizational processes around compliance.

We at eTouch can help you through these compliance. Together or separately, below services, from our expert and qualified specialists, put you in the best possible position to discover how you fall in scope, assess your maturity, implement various controls and processes to patch gaps and maintain the best ongoing posture for GDPR compliance.

Our GDPR spectrum of services that we partner with many of our Fortune clients. Please reach out to us for further details at

Mobilization Data Discovery Security & Governance Integration Subject Data Access
Management Commitment Data Source/Inventory GDPR governance Create and Integrate customer portal to amend the consent and access their data Resign of consent interface
DPO assignment Data discovery & segregation Data accountability Integration with product data sources Subjects’ Data Rights/Access Request Portal
Define organization structure for GDPR GDPR Gap Analysis Data protection & Security Integration with 3rd party systems Controller’s portal access for GDPR compliance
Define roles and responsibilities Define process/operations for GDPR program Incidents & Data Breach Notification Accountability Process/Audit automation
Estimate the scope of GDPR program Data - third party sources Consent model
Define tools/models for GDPR program Data Cleansing Manage risks of high-risk personal data processing